Awarded for the Sprout 25 under 25–2021

We are a new form of digital agency, focussed on user equity growth by custom development experiences (web, app, software, PWA). Growing from 0 to 16 employees within the first two years and hitting a 6 figure revenue was only our start. Simply put, we know some companies tend to flatline and we are here to give you your next digital pulse to stay on top of your digital game. For this, MT/Sprout awarded us as the most promising entrepreneurs / companies under 25 years old.

Why companies are using Flatline Agency above all other agencies? We tend to be bolder, faster & better than many of our (and your) competitors. We develop with the techniques used for Youtube, Dropbox & Instagram while having the speed of a company born agile. Meaning we are always available, work from every location & are able to adjust faster than any other company.

However, we still feel that agile routines should be combined with a creative base to find true potential. For this reason, we opened our 360M2 creative hub within the hotspot de Pijp in the city center of Amsterdam. This office helps us and clients to find their creative roots and make the best out of every project.

Our intention is to open multiple of these creative hubs across the world in the coming years.

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