Difference: Software engineer and software coder

So what’s the difference between a software engineer and a software developer, between a coder and a computer programmer? This article is all about determining the differences between these terms, we’ve got a software engineer, we’ve got a software programmer, we’ve got a computer programmer, we’ve got a coder. So what are the differences between these? Are these different jobs?

Or if they all sort of end up being the same? Well firstly keep in mind that there’s really no one standard way of dealing with these terms. In other words, when you get into the industry you’ll find that you might find a programming job that has different titles, but is essentially the same position. But in general, what we’ll do is start off by talking about what we believe the fundamental differences are between them.


Programmer (coder) and Software developer

Very common to see a job with either of these terms, computer programmer, software developer. Now getting back to, or getting to software engineer, or software engineering in general, this can be classified more as the design side of things.

In other words, you’re not just programming, you haven’t got design coming to you with a design, and saying program this, you’re more of an architect, so you’re designing, you’re putting some work into designing the application as well. So software engineers can be involved in that process or architecting, designing the program, and figuring out what functionalities are going to be in there, perhaps really coming up with the blueprint. And the analogy there would be a software engineer could be, something like an architect.

So an architect builds a plan for a house, so that would be the software engineer, and the architect then gives the designs, the blueprints if you will, for a house to a builder, the builder would be the computer programmer or software developer.


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